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Beyonce’s Vegan Challenge

UsWeekly2015What you should know before starting a vegan diet. (April 2015)

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Rating the Bars

UsWeekly2014CoverThe top 10 snack bars and their nutrient benefits. (January 2014)

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How to Satisfy Cravings

UsWeekly2012CoverLearn the nutritional perks of these stars’ guilt-free snacks. (August 2013)

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5 Holiday Diet Tricks

UsWeekly2012CoverSeason’s Cheatings? Not with these proven star strategies. Taking a cue from the celebs on how to eat right at holiday parties. (December 2012)

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The Snacks That Keep Them Slim

UsWeekly2011Cover Are they healthy or not? Weighing in on star’s favorite nibbles. (December 2011)

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