Boosting Your Metabolism For Dummies

People often wonder why their dieting and exercise efforts seem to result in little or no weight loss. Some people may have to work hard to simply maintain their current weight. With such a dilemma, they may blame their woes on a “slow metabolism”. Unfortunately, there is no miracle diet that works for everyone because everyone has a unique body type and traits which impact their metabolic rate. The good news is that Boosting Your Metabolism For Dummies helps you understand how your body burns calories and shows you how you can use that knowledge to increase your metabolic rate.
  • Metabolism 101 — find out exactly what metabolism is, the factors that impact your metabolic rate, and how you can measure your unique metabolism
  • Body and mind — learn how to find the right motivation to last a lifetime and grasp the behaviors you need to change, like avoiding certain foods and adding others to boost your metabolic rate
  • Eat your way to a better metabolism — get quick and easy recipes designed to maximize your metabolic rate, from sumptuous snacks and desserts to mouth-watering entrées
  • The metabolism-boosting lifestyle — find workouts you can do anytime, anywhere and get helpful tips on how to build and sustain a powerful support system to help you on the road toward a healthier metabolism

Mediterranean Diet For Dummies

Mediterranean Diet For Dummies features expert advice on transitioning to this healthy lifestyle by providing the fundamental concepts of the diet. In addition to being a healthy, extremely effective way of losing weight, the diet is considered an effective means of avoiding or reversing many health issues, such as cardiovascular issues, cancer, prediabetes and obesity. Mediterranean Diet For Dummies covers the numerous benefits of the diet and encourages meals which consist largely of healthy foods such as whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil and other healthy fats, fish and foods high in Omega-3 fat content such as seafood, nuts, beans, and dairy products. Featuring 20 recipes and chock-full of tips from consuming the best oils to whether wine is okay with meals, Mediterranean Diet For Dummies serves as the formula for maximizing success in achieving ideal weight and health.