How to Shed Weight in the New Year

The start of a new year means the beginning of weight loss programs for millions of American looking to shed weight or extra holiday pounds. Many will join a gym and commit to working out every day, others will count calories and measure food intake, and some will do both. But it’s that take-no-prisoners attitude that actually sets them up for failure. Instead of making extreme resolutions that are hard to stick to, the most effective way to lose those unwanted pounds is to create a realistic weight loss plan. (January 2013)

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Is Buying Organic Worth The Cost?

Just because an item has an organic label, that doesn’t make it healthier, even if you are paying more for it.
People automatically correlate organic with healthier food, says Rachel Berman. They see organic and think it has to be healthier for me and more nutritious but there’s a lot of mixed reviews. (September 2012)

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How to Keep the Pounds Off This Holiday Eating Season

The weight gained during the holiday season may be small, but over the years it adds up and can lead to bigger health issues that create a financial hardship. People only gain about an average of a pound, but they keep that pound from year to year, says Rachel Berman. People lessen their inhibition and tend to go over board when faced with food they avoid most of the year. Here are five tips to help make smart decisions on what to indulge in this eating season. (December 2011)

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